• Take A Closer Look at Your Chamber

    Take A Closer Look at Your Chamber

    Chambers have been around for a VERY long time - we have had chambers in our South Okanagan area for 70 years.  Business, communities, technology and trends are continuously evolving and chambers are an important player in the mix of healthy, sustainable and thriving communities.  The South Okanagan Chamber wants to be an important player in our communities for MANY more years to come.  As things around us change - the Chamber is also changing to keep up with business and industry trends and to keep current.  We have got so many great projects in the works and we are excited to share the first of many initiatives that we will be unrolling over the next few months. 


    Please grab a drink and get comfortable and check our our new website at www.sochamber.ca.  Having an updated and modern website was job number one for us here at the Chamber and we are happy to unveil what we have been working on.  Please share your feedback and suggestions as it needs to be a useful tool for our members as well as the public. 

    As the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce - we represent our member businesses and organizations and our region as a whole. Our mission is to promote an environment where business in our communities can thrive. We have heard loud and clear that our members want better communication and help with marketing, advertising and creating an awareness of what Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos businesses have to offer.  And certainly on the flip side of that the general public, including locals and tourists, want the same thing as well. You will find a business directory on our site, information about the chamber, member stories, and an overview about our towns and what our partners, stakeholders and members are working on to make visiting and living here better. 

    Chamber members - please check out the marketing opportunities page to fully make use of your membership with us. 

    Our theme for the remainder of the year is to invite you to 'Take a Closer Look at Your Chamber'.  Find out what we do and how we can help.  Find out what business and economic development projects we are working on and see how you can help us build strong communities.  We are a small chamber and we want to do big things for our region!  So we currently are recruiting for a few good volunteers for a variety of projects and roles.  We will be sharing more information shortly about our Advocacy Committee and Business Excellence Awards Committees as well as Chamber Ambassadors so keep an eye out for that.  If you are interested already - feel free to connect with Denise at manager@sochamber.ca or 250-498-6321 ext. 201.

    Our other theme is going to be 'Take a Closer Look at what the South Okanagan has to offer'.  There are so many great stories in our region about businesses and organizations and what they do and what they offer.  Sometimes we don't even know what is in a store that we drive by daily, and we don't usually tour the industrial areas in our towns, and we also have so many small home based businesses that are doing interesting and amazing things.  We want to share that with you and that is why we have created a Member Stories section on our site.  We look forward to touring our business neighbourhoods, main streets and side streets, as well as highlighting the various industries that make up our economy here in Osoyoos, Oliver, Okanagan Falls and surrounding areas.   

    So we invite you to get connected with us by signing up for our various newsletters, news releases and blog.  You can also join the conversation and help us share what you find interesting on Facebook and Twitter

    Until my next blog post I will say - take a stroll and go check out a local store or restaurant that you haven't been in before or check out some of the listings in our directory.  It is important to the businesses, to our economy and to your community.
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