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    Restaurant Host
    Category: Food Industry and Restaurants
    Phantom Creek represents the vision of the Bai family to build one of the leading wineries in Canada. It was a quest that led them to the Black Sage Bench and two of the Okanagan's historic vineyards: Phantom Creek and Becker Vineyards. Today, Phantom Creek focuses on single-vineyard Bordeaux reds, Alsatian whites, and the Okanagan’s benchmark varieties of Viognier and Syrah from storied ...read more
    Tasting Room Retail Associate
    Category: Wineries
    The Tasting Room at Phantom Creek Estates is dedicated to providing a memorable and educational wine-tasting experience for our guests, combining learning and fun. The mission also extends to the entire estate, where the goal is to produce some of the best wines in Canada. The commitment to quality starts with the estate-grown and harvested grapes, overseen by the Farming Team led by Mike ...read more
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